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Why should you choose Solar Photovoltaic systems?

Solar photovoltaic also known as solar PV, use solar panels to capture the sun’s energy using photovoltaic cells. These cells don’t need direct sunlight, they can still convert sunlight into electricity on cloudy days.

Builders and developers

An easy way to meet new build regulations – If you’re a builder or developer in the new build market solar photovoltaic systems are a great way to help you meet Energy Efficiency targets, energy reports, and local planning requirements. If you are unsure on what your requirements are, contact us at the bottom of this page

Businesses & Homeowners

Reduce your energy bills – You reduce the amount of electricity you buy from the National Grid due to using the free electricity generated by the solar PV system during daylight hours. The more electricity you use throughout the day the bigger the savings.

Sell Electricity back to the Grid – Get paid for the Excess electricity you generate. BC Hydro have a Net Metering scheme which pays you for the excess/exported electricity your solar PV system generates. The current rate is 9.99 cents per kWh.

Energy security – You can now not only protect yourself from rising energy bills but can keep your homes and business running during blackouts. The BC Hydro power Network is struggling to generate enough electricity supply to meet the ever growing demands. Solar PV combined with energy storage now means businesses don’t miss out on revenue and important household appliances continue to run so vulnerable tenants don’t get left in the dark.

Reduce your carbon footprint and help save the environment – Solar PV produces renewable energy, meaning it doesn’t produce any harmful pollution. This technology is a way that each property can help towards protecting the environment and tackling climate change by utilising natural sustainable resources.

Why choose Vancouver Solar & Electrical Ltd for your Solar PV installation?

At Vancouver Solar & Electical Ltd, we aim to significantly reduce your solar PV costs whilst maintaining the highest level of design, installation and aftercare service.

We have a wealth of experience as we have previously competed in the U.K market against 6,000 other companies over a 5 year period installing over 300 Domestic and Commercial systems Nationally . With our first class technical knowledge, we can provide value engineering for all installation types.QUOTE emblem

  • We aim to significantly reduce your solar PV costs
  • First class technical knowledge – Value engineering for all installation types
  • In house design & highly experienced engineers
  • Tailor made services, to meet specific client needs
  • Electrical package available to achieve economies of scales
  • No Sub contractors used for Electrical/Roofing works.


DesignSolar photovoltaic system design

  • Roof fit
  • Ballast calculations
  • Inverter location
  • Electric schematics
  • Design advice / value engineering
  • Design co-ordination meetings
  • Building & Electrical Permit Applications


Solar photovoltaic system supplyinstallation

Supply & Install

  • Full risks assessments & method statements
  • Manage all goods / equipment delivered to site
  • Supervisors- Electrical Engineers and Roofers
  • Isolate panels on roof during construction
  • Assigned contracts & site manager for your projects
  • Full testing & commission


HandoverSolar photovoltaic installation operations maintenance manual

  • Full system details / product information
  • System schematics including isolation locations
  • Commissioning documents
  • Certificates & manuals
  • Out of hours contact numbers
  • Test Results
  • Cleaning Advice


Solar photovoltaic system monitor maintenanceMonitor & Maintain

  • Remote monitoring meters
  • Online portal (View system performance & reports)
  • System display panels

Types of Solar Photovoltaic Systems?

Solar photovoltaic panels come in a variety of nominal power outputs calculated in watts, the most common solar panel size is 250-285W.

Higher efficiency panels are available allowing customers to utilise smaller spaces and produce more free electricity from the solar PV installation.

We can now get 60-cell modules with an output up to 320W.

Polycrystalline Panels

Solar PV polycrystaline panel installation

Monocrystalline Panels

solar PV monocrystaline panel installation

PV Tiles

Solar PV tile installation

In-roof Mounted System

Solar PV In-roof mounted system installation

On-roof Mounted System

Solar PV on-roof mounted system installation

Flat Roof Mounted System

Solar PV Flat roof mounted system installation

Self-ballast Mounted System

Solar PV Self-ballasting mounted system installation

Ground Mounted System

Solar PV ground mounted system installation

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