Types of Solar PV modules


These Solar PV cells are produced from a single crystal of silicon. Mono panels are the most efficient and are the most expensive as a result. We install various size panels, typically between 190w and 280w maximum power output, which also increase in size the more power they can produce.


This type of Solar PV cell is made from a block of silicon, which contains multiple silicon crystals. This gives them a different appearance to the mono panels, a lighter, marbled effect on the panel, which looks pleasant. Poly PV panels are slightly less efficient but also slightly less in cost. These panels are ideal for use in the U.K as new technology has improved attaining an output and efficiency very similar to Mono panels.


At Solar & Electrics we only use top brand inverters that are designed to perform for many years. Simple to use with no maintenance you can check the power generated and functionality on screen for peace of mind.


We will visit the site and make an initial survey, taking various measurements, recordings and calculations of the property characteristics.We use professional scaffolders and roofers as the majority of work is on the roof, securely mounting brackets and rails, to fix the PV panels to.

The panels connect to inverters and isolators, which are usuallyin a garage or outhouse, outside, or in the attic of the property. This means we hardly need to be in your home at all! We test, commission the installation, produce you with your handover pack and connect you to the DNO, so you can receive the government F.I.T

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