About Solar PV

The Basics

Solar PV (photovoltaic) modules generate electricity using daylight, even on a cloudy or overcast day. The D.C power generated is then converted with an inverter into A.C power, which is then used as energy around your home and exported to the National Grid.

The word photovoltaic, comes from Latin, photo (light) and voltaic (energy). With advances in technology over recent years, panels are capable of producing much more power than before, at a price that everyone can afford.

Solar PV panels were invented in 1954. They have also long been used to power satellites orbiting The Earth. Solar PV technology has developed and advanced so much in recent years that manufacturers are now achieving very high outputs, even on cloudy or overcast days. This makes the U.K a great country for Solar PV as electricity is generated all year round, and in fact Solar PV panels favour the milder temperatures.

Top quality brands

At Solar & Electrics we only use MCS approved, top quality brands of Solar PV panels, Inverters and mounting rail kits, to ensure you have a durable, safe and reliable installation for many years.

We install a range of brands of panels, and have guarantees on the output, (usually 80% of the maximum power output after 25 years.) You will receive the rate of F.I.T available at the time, guaranteed for 25 years. The F.I.T is also index linked, so will actually increase in line with inflation. Our Solar PV panels will continue to produce electricity long after 25 years, saving you money on your electricity bills long into the future. There are PV panels from 40 years ago that are still generating electricity today!

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