Solarworld Sunmodule/Protect

Solarworld Sunmodule Protect Module-High Quality North American Tier1 module.

We can Supply & Install Solarworld Sunmodule panels which are the best quality modules on the market and incredibly high performance Photon Grade A+


Vancouver Solar & Electrical are a certified partner/installer for Solarworld Panels.

 Sunmodule Solar Panels

High-performance and superior quality

High-performance, superior quality

SolarWorld’s Sunmodule® solar panels are designed and manufactured to the highest standards of quality, performance and durability. The grid-tied and off-grid products from SolarWorld come in a variety of sizes and power, making them suitable for all applications – from a remote power generator to a large scale power plant.

Sunmodule Plus solar panels

SolarWorld Sunmodule Plus monocrystalline solar panels are available in both silver or black formats. These modules meet our stringent Solarworld quality standards, exceeding all industry standards and certifications. They also carry our 25-year warranty to guarantee maximum performance through the lifetime of your system. Don’t just take our word for it, we have third party validationof our performance and reliability.

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25-year linear performance guarantee chart*

Linear performance guarantee from SolarWorld: Sunmodule Plus

SolarWorld 25-year performance guarantee

*In accordance with the applicable service certificate upon purchase +

Sunmodule Plus mono
Key product features:
  • High-performance cell structure
  • Easy to mount and ground
  • Extended cable lengths for easier installation
  • Elegant modern design
  • 25-year linear performance guarantee
  • 10-year product workmanship warranty


American manufacturing

America’s solar manufacturing leader since 1975

The leader in American solar manufacturing

As the largest U.S. solar manufacturer for more than 40 years, SolarWorld is uniquely recognized as America’s solar leader. While SolarWorld has production facilities across the globe, the majority of the SolarWorld panels sold in the U.S. are made right here, as has been the case since 1975.

What made in America means to us

A commitment to quality

We source only the highest-quality components and materials from reputable and proven suppliers.

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Manufacturing excellence

We strictly control the creation of every SolarWorld solar system from beginning to end. Our state-of-the-art facility in Hillsboro, Oregon produces hundreds of megawatts of solar cells and panels each year.

Exceeding the highest standards

SolarWorld's American solar panel suppliers since 2008Because of this commitment to excellence, our solar panels—and our operations consistently meet or exceed the most stringent performance, environmental and employment standards.

  • Highest quality products
  • Local warranty and product support
  • Meets and exceeds Buy American Act requirements
  • Money spent stimulates the U.S. economy and creates U.S. jobs
  • Processes meet stringent U.S. labor and environmental policies

Creating American jobs

Not only do we employ hundreds of Americans at our facility in Oregon, but SolarWorld helps stimulate the U.S. economy by sourcing domestically whenever possible as well. Since 2008, SolarWorld purchased more than $1.5 billion in equipment, parts, services and supplies from 50 states, plus the District of Columbia and Puerto Rico. This creates even more American jobs and supports American businesses.

Helping America achieve energy independence

Together, we can break America’s dependence on foreign and non-renewable energy supplies—cleanly and sustainably while supporting the American economy.

The SolarWorld Standard

How we manufacture the highest quality solar panels

The SolarWorld Standard

At SolarWorld, our solar technologies are different because we’re different. This difference is demonstrated every day in The Solarworld Standard, which goes beyond quality assurance to elevate solar to unprecedented standards.

Our commitment to quality has powered our success for more than three decades. Unlike manufacturers of disposable electronics like cell phones and laptops, we create sophisticated solar technologies designed to produce clean energy for at least 25 years—even in some of the harshest weather conditions like blizzards, high winds, hail and coastal sea spray.

From inception to installation, we meticulously control and sustainably execute every step of the solar panel manufacturing process. The result is maximum, cost-effective performance from every SolarWorld panel, every time.

Solar panel testing lab

We test, test and test again to deliver the industry’s most reliable panelsHigh temperatures. Biting frost. Heavy storms. Blowing sand. Dense snow loads. SolarWorld specialists thoroughly test materials, prototypes and finished solar panels using climate chamber, electrical, mechanical and UV tests. This ensures optimal performance and durability—and maximizes return on your solar investment.In fact, our testing goes far beyond the most stringent U.S. and international standards, including the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) and the International Organization for Standardization (ISO), producing the best solar panels in the industry.Every panel must satisfy our strict performance and safety criteria—with NO exceptions.

Solar panel hail impact quality testHail impact test. Replicates a natural hail storm by dropping a 1.1-pound, one-inch steel ball onto solar panels from a height of 13 feet. Then we repeat this up to 20 times in the same place on at least 11 different points of impacts.




Solar panel breakage quality test

Panel breakage test. Subjects our panels to brutal impacts by heavy or hard objects to ensure stability and break-resistance. Occasionally hard objects fall onto roofs and we conduct these test to ensure that our roof-mounted solar system will withstand these impacts. For good measure, we also drop a 99-pound, lead-filled sack from a height of four feet onto the middle of vertically positioned solar panels up to three times


Solar panel inclined plane quality test

Inclined plane test. Tests the effects of snow load on the lower edge of our solar panels, which simulates real-world conditions since sliding snow and ice apply pressure to the lower part of the frame. Other companies typically test evenly distributed snow load on a horizontal panel, even though installations almost always parallel the slope of a roof.



Solar panel salt spray quality testSalt spray test. Makes sure our panels are ideally suited for coastal areas and salty air by exposing the solar panel to a salt mist mixture and then storing it under humid conditions to simulate coastal conditions. We voluntarily submit our panels for this optional test to guarantee maximum performance and further demonstrate our commitment to quality.



Solar panel hemispheric lighting quality testHemispheric lighting test. Simulates authentic light and temperature conditions to make sure our panels deliver optimal performance in the real world—which includes changing weather patterns.




Solar panel mechanical load quality test

Mechanical load test. Ensures our panels withstand extreme weather conditions, including excessive wind pressure, wind suction and snow load. Alternating pressure and suction are applied up to 1.2 million times using both static and dynamic forces, far exceeding IEC standards.





Solar panel UV light aging quality testUV light aging test. Guarantees excellent results from our solar panels even in some of the brightest spots on the planet. We simulate 25 years of intense UV radiation, including 1300 kWh/m2 in normal conditions and up to 3000 kWh/m2 in desert conditions, which far exceeds IEC test standards.



Climate chamber test. Puts our Solar panel climate chamber quality testsolar panels through extreme temperature fluctuations in order to emulate 25 years of weather changes. In the climate chamber, the modules withstand temperatures as low as -40 degrees Celsius to as high as 85 degrees Celsius. We repeat this cycle 9,125 times versus the mere 200 cycles required by the IEC



Solar panel peel quality testField installation and peel tests. Tests performance by exposing our solar panels to real wind and weather conditions in varying climate zones—not just contrived laboratory conditions. In field tests, data consistently shows our panels perform well above 100 percent of predicted models. At the same time, peel tests confirm the superior reliability of our sheet-to-glass and inter-sheet connections, which is a key contributor to the long lifespan of SolarWorld panels.

Solar panel hot spot quality testElectrical and hotspot tests. Assures optimal insulation and electrical safety in both wet and dry conditions in a broad range of temperatures. Electroluminescence measurements identify otherwise undetectable micro-cracks or contact breaks while thermography cameras search for “hot spots,” which can occur when cells lie in a shadow and heat up as a result of residual electricity, ultimately damaging the panel over time.

Invest in the future

In a time when new solar manufacturers seem to be a dime a dozen, SolarWorld delivers the perfect trifecta for your solar investment: a solid history, superior performing products and a sound financial foundation. A trusted solar leader, we have been innovating and manufacturing photovoltaic technologies on American soil for more than 40 years—creating American jobs, leading American innovation, supporting American communities and providing relief to Americans faced with rising energy costs.

SolarWorld stands for sustainability

Our commitment to sustainability begins on the inside. It starts with how we manufacture our products, choose our materials and treat our employees, then it extends outward to the communities we serve. Our commitment encompasses both economic and social sustainability and includes our factories, suppliers and employees. It is part of our identity and clearly differentiates SolarWorld from the rest of the solar manufacturing industry.

Our corporate culture encourages employees to live and work sustainably. We provide opportunities for employees to get involved in local recycling programs, reduce their workday commutes and support green initiatives in their communities.

Our sustainability efforts focus on three primary areas: energy conservation and climate protection, waste and air pollution reduction, and water conservation.

The details of our sustainability performance are part of SolarWorld’s Annual Group Report and describe how the sustainability principle is integrated into SolarWorld’s corporate strategy.


SolarWorld Green Brand

The Green Brand certificate is presented exclusively to brands with a proven track record of environmentally sustainable actions both inside and outside the company.


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