EV Charging Points

EV Charging Points for Tesla Chrysler & more vehicles. 
We Supply & Install Electric Vehicle (EV) Charging points for Domestic & Commercial Properties. Charge your Tesla, Chrysler etc much faster with a custom fit.



Step by step through our Electric Vehicle (EV) Charging Point installation process with you

  1. Initial contact – after an inquiry is generally within 24hours and includes a quick look on google earth for general location to arrange a visit to site and feasibility of the install.
  2. Survey – Position of the charge point and cabling are the main things we are looking for on a site survey.We also do all of our electrical safety checks at this point and let you know if there is anything additional requirement for a safe installation. This is good opportunity to quiz us if you have any questions on any of our services or products.
  3. Quotation & Order form – We will provide a breakdown quotation and order form outlining how the order can proceed.
  4. Electrical Permit – We have to apply for an Electrical Permit prior to installation. It usually is between $30-100 depending on the cost of the supply and install service.
  5.  Installation – Installing charge points are generally fairly simply and can take as little as a couple of hours to install with our experienced installers. 
  6. Aftercare and warranties–Charge points are designed to be maintenance free.Due to the traceability and quality of the components, we have the upmost confidence in our installation, if there were to be any issues within the warranty period we will get any issues rectified as quickly as we can, not to cause any unnecessary inconvenience. We also log your installation with the City once it has been inspected upon commissioning.




We can also supply and Install Solar powered car ports for your home or Business.


These are of a huge benefit if you cannot or simply do not want to install Solar PV on your dwelling and you want to designate a new area for the solar array location.

The main Brand we would use for Solar Powered Car Ports would be Solarworld.

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