WANTED! FSR Electrician.

We are a small Renewable Energy Supplier & Installer and Licensed Electrical Contractor based in Burnaby BC.

We mainly specialise in consultation and the supply and installation of Grid-Tied Solar PV systems, EV Car Chargers, Solar Ready Conduit runs and Electrical work.

We at Vancouver Solar & Electrical Ltd are looking for a person to fill the following job position:

FSR Red-Seal Construction Electrician.

Part-Time (Casual at first).

$30 an hour  (plus sign-off bonus).

Includes ‘FREE’ Solar training by a professional installer.

forward resume to:


We are currently searching for an FSR Electrician (Red Seal) who can join our team and is capable of applying for Electrical permits and signing off 1-2 Solar PV systems a month

At first it will just be casual work 1-5 days a month as we are a small family-run company in development.

If this doesn’t suit your schedule we can work around you even if it means you working with us on weekends.

This way you can work full-time elsewhere and still earn a sign-off bonus with us.

Once we continue to grow as a company and get busier we can work towards having you working with us on a full-time basis and as an installer also.

Job duties:

– electrical installation of solar photovoltaics
– installing solar photovoltaic panels, inverters, and associated equipment on rooftops of residential and commercial buildings
– Electrical Contracting
– completing solar site assessments


– Licensed Electrician Red Seal who must have FSR qualification.
– driver’s license (class 5 to drive van)
– comfortable working on roofs
– Fall Safety training
– physically fit (able to carry heavy object 30-50 lbs, use ladders, climb on roofs)
– excellent customer service and communication skillsWage: $30 per hour based on qualifications and experience.


head office in Burnaby, travel mainly within Lower Mainland, sometimes further in BC

Other position:

Solar Installer

Job Description:

  • installation of components for solar photovoltaic and solar hot water systems
  • complete assessments and design work for solar installations
  • respond to customer inquires about renewable energy


    • must be able to work safely on roofs and lift 30-50 lbs of weight
    • training or experience installing solar energy equipment or working on roofs
    • fall safety training
    • training or experience with building construction
    • training in photovoltaics
    • strong organisational skills
    • experience using spreadsheets, word processors and general office software
    • experience with electrical work, plumbing and project management would also be helpful.

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