Net Metering

BC Hydro Net Metering Program

BC Hydro Net Metering Program-Sell your excess energy back to the grid and receive 9.99 cents per kWh to pay back your system cost faster. This is applicable to all grid connected systems.

You may receive less credits if you have battery storage for your pv system, as your excess will mainly be used to charge the batteries and not fed back to the grid. 

Electricity generation options for homes, businesses

Our net metering program is designed for residential and commercial customers who want to connect a small electricity generating unit to the BC Hydro distribution system. Generating units up to 100 kW in capacity that use a clean or renewable resource are eligible to participate in the program.

How net metering works: generation and consumption

Residential and commercial customers can connect a small electricity generating unit of up to 100 kW in capacity – so long as it is a clean or renewable resource – to the BC Hydro distribution system.

As a net metering customer with a smart meter, when you generate more electricity than you use, you receive a credit to your account that is applied against your future electricity use.

At your anniversary date, if you have an excess generation credit remaining on your account, BC Hydro will pay you at the published rate of 9.99 cents per kWh.

Our information sheet below explains how net metering works and how to read your electricity bill.















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